Project Description:

Optical character recognition is also called as Optical character reader. It captures the data from the handwritten text or scanned text or from images and convert it to text or doc format. Another definition states that it is the process of converting the character of the image into the character code such as ASCII. It eliminates the manual process of writing the text from scanned document, images, handwritten text. Please see the below video to know these words in a better way as it is rightly said that visualizing the things are sometimes providing better understanding the written text.

Hardware Requirement:

Intel processor x86-64/32 processor (64/32 bit) (work on Pentium also), 4 GB hard disk minimum, 1 GB RAM, minimum can be less than this.


Any(Linux, Windows, Mac)

Language Used:


Technology Used:

  • Wiener Filtering
  • Web API

Library Used:

  • Tesseract
  • Kernel function
  • Numpy
  • Fourier transform
  • Django/Tornado
  • Scipy, Guassian