Project Description:

In this project (Auto music tagging prediction) it is shown that how Music genre can be identify. For music filter selection, Categorization, Music prediction, we can use tool. It tells about the details of the song. To develop a better understanding of my saying, let us say that we have passed a audio music file to the model, it will predict whether music is jazz, instrumental, ambient. It will also tell whether the voice is of male or female candidate.

Hardware Requirement:

Intel processor x86-64/32 processor (64/32 bit), 6 GB hard disk, 2-4 GB RAM.


Any(Linux, Windows, Mac)

Language Used:


Technology Used:

  • Sound Classification
  • Deep Learning
  • Web API

Library Used:

  • Keras
  • Tensorflow
  • Numpy
  • Sci-kit Learn
  • Scipy
  • librosa

Video Link Description: